Tuesday, March 16, 2010

51 Days til Graduation

Oh man,

When I see little results my head gets so gassed that I go back to my old ways. I think a big portion of it, is that this week I have gone without seeing a single doctor. Also it was spring break but no excuse Diabetes is Diabetes.

My lover and I made some crazy ass pasta last night and I kept eating it til 3am and continued eating it this morning. To come and find out I put on 1lb and my blood level was ridiculous this morning.

I am flipping shyt but I am reminded that I can change this and it won't be tomorrow it will be now.

Since I have so much sugar in my stream, I am going to fast for today since I won't be to busy and I am going to check my levels when I get home again. Pray that there will be a drop in blood level.

Daily Goal- March 16, 2010
  • Run on the treadmill from when I get home til the Biggest Loser @ 8PM EST
  • Bring my Blood level 130's before bed tonight

For this coming week ::

March 17
  • Run 5 k around the track and time
  • Have 1 drink for St. Patty's
March 18
  • Run 5k around the track and time
March 20
  • Wake up early; and go and play handball from 9am - noon
May 7th
  • Go to graduation @1PM

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