Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back at it

Back at it. Today I returned to the gym. I completed a 5k loop on the treadmill. A little saddening that I struggled a bit and had to fight my inner thoughts to keep going at one point.

My fingers were starting to swell and I could feel my feet rubbing on my socks and literally felt as if my feet were cracking every time I went to take a stride. Not sure what that was about but note to self, research what could that have been all about. But none the less I finished the 5k.

From the previous post, the Thanksgiving damage was not bad at all comparedto previous   years. Honestly, my prayers were answered, all I had wanted were for their to be no left overs. 

I was blessed to have my family come up and take part in tradition of thanksgiving dinner that consisted of turkey, Mac n' cheese, sweet potatoes casserole, green bean casserole, corn, apple pie, pumpkin pie. It was very delicious. I made about the same portions for the year before but in this instance more to share the food with many more then just my husband and myself.

***I served everyone and myself on the smallest plate possible. It really helped with portions control when grabbing servings.

But when I tell you we scrapped the plates dry, we most absolutely did.

Post Thanksgiving and Black Friday 
I am cleansing at the moment a lot of water. Spending a lot of time in the bathroom ; ) but overall not to bad and I am so happy my prayers are answered. 

Now to focused on goals from now to the end of the year. I would like to be 189lbs or less. I know what to cut out to make this realistic.

- No Pasta
- No Alcohol
- No Sweets
- No Soda or Juice
- No Take Out

Can we do this? I know I can. I would love to know of you would join me. Pre picture I will post up some time this week.

Have a great start to the week!

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